Epygi’s Call Recording

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Capture your Calls with Ease

Call Recording is a great tool which allows the system to record all calls made from and to the extensions, as well as record the ones that pass through the IP PBX. Users can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored based on the call type, caller or the called destination.

One has the choice of recording selected calls both automatically or by manually toggling the recording button from the phone. The recordings, which are in the form of audio files, can be stored and reviewed either on the IP PBX’s Recording Box or can be uploaded to an external file storage for further processing.

To get Epygi’s Call Recording

Epygi’s Call Recording is a powerful feature which lets you capture important calls to be played back for review after the call. It allows you to focus on the conversation and not have to worry about taking notes or memorizing details.

The capability of recording and retrieving phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, makes Epygi’s Call Recording feature a valuable asset to your ever growing business. Promptly record your phone conversations, especially the ones with heavy discussions and listen to them later on to catch the important details.

Call Recording is a licensable feature priced per recording port and sold in groups of ports available on the QX products. Recording can
start with or without a voice announcement notifying that the process of recording has already started. If desired, one can easily record an
announcement manually or simply upload a custom recording on the GUI in the form of an audio file.

The recording status can be displayed on the IP phone as well as on the IP PBX GUI, thus notifying the user of its status. One can easily set a limit as to how many call recordings should be stored on the Recording Box and when the maximum number is reached it will either stop recording, delete the older ones or forward them to a file server for long term storage. It all depends on how it has been configured.

There is also a great flexibility in being able to define the maximum duration of a recording and when the desired duration limit is reached it stops recording despite the fact that the call is still active. It will certainly come in handy in such cases when the storage space is limited.

There are two call recording modes:
Automatic: This setting starts Call Recording as soon as the actual call starts.
Manual: Recording starts after pressing the Record button on the phone handset or on the GUI.

Regardless of which industry or department you are in, implementing a call recording solution would be significantly helpful and beneficial to your organization. In the ever-growing business environment sometimes it is hard to stay on top of every single aspect of your business and it will really come in handy to have a tool which will allows to keep record of and explore what has been said, by whom and when.

How do I get a Epygi’s Call Recording?