iServ by Epygi – UC80 IP PBX

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iServ by Epygi – UC80 IP PBX

With the ability to support 64 concurrent calls, the UC80 IP PBX is designed for offices with up to 200 employees. The system has eight FXS ports for analog phones and 40 IP extensions by default.

SIP trunking allows for the UC80 to connect directly to an ITSP with no additional equipment. The UC80 includes a firewall and SIP Intrusion Detection for optimal security.

E1/T1, FXO, ISDN BRI and additional FXS ports can easily be provided using the Epygi QX Gateways.

To get a iServ by Epygi – UC80 IP PBX


Analogue Phones – 8
IP Phones – 40
Additional IP Phones with keys – 152
Total Phones – 200
Concurrent Calls – 8
Additional concurrent calls with keys – 56
Ethernet LAN Port – 1
Ethernet WAN Port – 1
SD Slot – 1

Interconnection with QX Gateways

QXFX04 – 16
QXFXS24 – 8

Key System Features

How do I get a iServ by Epygi – UC80 IP PBX?