Panasonic Smart Hybrid PBX KX-NS500

Vodacom Broadband Wireless Lite

Smart Hybrid PBX KX-NS500

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To get Smart Hybrid PBX KX-NS500


Superb performance to match your business needs
Ideal for any office

The ideal System Configuration for your office

The ability to use your existing phone lines and IP network lets you configure a cost-effective system that meets your needs.

Expand as Your Business Grows

This system will suit a variety of of company types, and users can expand it to meet their needs

KX-NT Series
IP proprietary terminal

KX-DT Series
DIGITAL proprietary terminal

KX-UT Series
SIP telephone

KX-TCA Series

DECT Terminal

How do I get a Smart Hybrid PBX?

Choose from three series terminals to match your office style. Regardless of the one you select, you’ll enjoy the same elegant, easy-to-use Panasonic performance.